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Move Over Starbucks, Dunkin’ Is Releasing Halloween Tumblers That Are Spooky Good

Ahhh it is about to get extra spooky!

Dunkin’ is releasing Halloween tumblers again this year and they are spooky good!


Now, I know that Starbucks goes all out for every holiday but looks like Dunkin’ is stepping it up in the cup game now too!

There isn’t a ton of information available about these Halloween cups but what we do know is, Dunkin’s Halloween cups are supposed to debut in stores around the 2nd week in September.


According to reports, these are also supposed to glow-in-the-dark. OMG!!


No word on how much these will be but I am guessing right around $20 each.


Keep your eyes peeled for these Halloween tumblers at your local Dunkin’.

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos.