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Dunkin’ Is Adding Strawberry Popping Boba Bubbles To Their Menu And I Can’t Wait To Try Them

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Although Starbucks has always been my go to, I have to say…Dunkin’ has been taking things up a notch lately!

Dunkin’ is going to release a super exciting new item called Popping Bubbles! These are similar to boba, but instead of tapioca inside, its fruit juice!


These are set to release on June 23rd at all participating stores. These strawberry flavored bubbles will literally pop in your mouth and can be added to pretty much any Dunkin’ iced and frozen drinks, including new summer favorites like Dunkin’ Coconut Refreshers and Lemonade.


Not only is this amazing new item hitting the menu, but they’re doing a giveaway to celebrate it as well! Starting July 2nd, you’ll be able to pop bubbles on your phone to receive prizes such as: Dunkin’ gift cards, giant bubble kits, pool rafts, and a $5000 grand prize!

Giveaway or not, I’m super stoked for the popping bubbles. My local tea store has these and they are AMAZING. I promise, this is a game changer. I will be at Dunkin’ the day these come out.


My biggest hope is that they come out with multiple flavors of these popping bubbles in the future. I’m sure they will as long as these do well. But imagine blueberry, mango, peach, or even pineapple bubbles! Eek! I can’t wait!


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