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There Are Dwarf Donkeys You Can Own As A Pet And They Are Adorable

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Once upon a time, I had a small farm, everything I kept on the farm was miniature versions of farm animals and other small critters like chickens and rabbits.

It was literally one of the best times of my life.

One of my favorite critters on the farm was the miniature Donkeys, some people refer to them as dwarfs but they are actually miniature Donkeys!

Now, I am only speaking from my experience, but these small versions of the Donkey were so sweet and lovable!

As babies they are fluffy and cuddly and watching them run and jump through the pasture was one of my favorite things ever.

I mean seriously, look how freaking cute!

Now I don’t want to mislead anyone, these little cuties won’t stay this small forever.

However, my Great Dane is taller than most full-grown miniature donkeys so they still stay pretty small compared to regular-sized Donkeys.

The small size of the miniature Donkey is completely natural and not a genetic modification.

The tallest they grow is about 36 inches and they can weigh anywhere from 200 to about 450 pounds.

If you’re thinking about adding one of these adorable miniature Donkeys to your family, I do have to prepare you for the braying!

They love to start braying at night and it can be startling until you get used to it, then it will just become one of those soothing nature sounds and you’ll sleep right through it.

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