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You Can Get Your Kids A Dyson Toy Vacuum That Actually Picks Things Up Off The Floor

Yes!! There is a little Dyson Ball Vacuum cleaner toy that ACTUALLY has real suction power. WHAT?!? It REALLY vacuums little pieces up off the floor.

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Things have sure come along way from that Popcorn Popper push toy we used to use as kids. Thank goodness for technology!! I can still hear that POP-POP-POP in my nightmares.

My kids used to LOVE to pretend they were vacuuming the floor — I miss those days. They would have been BEGGING for this toy.

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This Dyson Vacuum Cleaner actually looks like the real thing! It has that Cyclone Action that Dyson is known for, via little colorful balls that float and twirl like pretend — well — trash.

It also has that twisty action like its REAL counterpart. The big yellow ball actually functions as the Dyson Ball, allowing twisting and turning of this fun vacuum.

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It runs off of ‘C’ batteries, and provides hours of fun for your little chore monster!

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He loves his vacuum cleaner 😂

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This awesome replica is recommended for ages 24 months to 5 years. Remember, those are just recommendations. If you’re child can walk, they are going to love this toy!

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You can get this awesome cleaning toy in three colors: yellow, purple, and pink.

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I want a pink vacuum!! I might be more likely to sweep up my house with a PINK vacuum.

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Look at that little debris chamber! Ha! It ACTUALLY picks pieces up off the floor with that sucking action.

What a great way to teach your child about doing chores! They can vacuum right along with you. Or, you know, they can vacuum the street. Whatever floats their boat.

You can get your child this cute Dyson Vacuum Replica here.

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Looking for another awesome Amazon find? This App-Controlled Piggy Bank can teach your child all about earning and spending money!

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