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This Genius Kitchen Hack Can Easily Remove Snow Clumps On Your Dogs Fur

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If you are anything like me and have a collection of those cuddly creatures we call dogs, then this hack is for you!

I’m in Texas and it has been snowing all day, in fact, we are experiencing a complete Texas oddity with temperatures lower than we normally have.

Most of my dogs are short-haired and I don’t have the ice ball in the hair issue, but we do have a Great Pyrenees. The snow embeds in the long hair and causes ice balls.

Sara Lang Feinstein – Facebook

Well, there is a super simple solution and I was so happy to learn about it today!

A Facebook user by the name of Sara Lang Feinstein posting this magic on her Facebook page. It has since when completely viral and for good reason!

Sara Lang Feinstein – Facebook Video Below

Does your dog get snow/ice clumps on their hair / fur when they go out in the snow. My awesome friend Irina told me about a hack she heard of – use a whisk (yes, from the kitchen!) Total game changer!!! I added a video of Abby’s friend Finn on how it worked for him today ? follow Abby on Instagram abby_australian_labradoodle. OVER 12 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!

Sara Lang Feinstein – Facebook

So yea, you just get your whisk from the kitchen and use it to get the clumps of snow and ice off of your dog’s fur. GENIUS!

You can check out her full post below! Make sure you tell her thanks!


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