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Easy Hair Tie Organization

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Sometimes you have a trick so simple that you have to share it with the world, and that is exactly how I feel about my hair tie organization trick. Before I started doing this, these ouchless rubber bands were all over my house. Everywhere. On the counters, in jars, in my desk drawers. I once found a hair tie in the toaster. (Pro tip: Don’t toast a hair tie.)

But then I came up with the best way to organize hair ties of all time.

All time.

super simple storage idea for hair ties

Seriously, that’s it. When you take off a hair tie, put it on a doorknob. Then, the next time you want a hair tie, check your doornknobs! I can not tell you how many trips to the store to buy more hair ties this has saved me. It won’t work with scrunchies or anything, because those would look ridiculous, but for simple rubber bands, it’s perfect.

hair tie organization

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