Edible Life Preserver Necklace

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It’s summer which means Shark Week is upon us. Whether you are hosting a shark themed party or just kicking back and watching some shark infested shows, you will want to make some tasty treats. How about giving this Edible Life Preserver Necklace a try? It’s completely edible and it’s so easy to make, even the kids can do it!

Edible Life Preserver Necklace

Ingredients Needed to Make an Edible Life Preserver Necklace:

life preserver necklace ingredients

How to Make an Edible Life Preserver Necklace:

  1. Open the package and grab one of the Twizzlers Candy.
  2. Carefully peel apart the candy in strands of two each. Basically you want to end up with a bunch of pieces that include 2 strings attached each (like shown below).life preserver necklace inprocess1
  3. Open your lifesaver candy and place onto the table.
  4. Break a piece off of the Twizzlers strand that is just long enough to reach around the lifesaver side to side.life preserver necklace inprocess2
  5. Firmly press down on the ends of the Twizzlers and it will stick to the lifesaver candy.
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 to add another set of red string in a diagonal position. Remember you are trying to resemble a life preserver.life preserver inprocess3
  7. Take the remaining pieces of the Twizzlers candy you peeled off in step 2 and twist the ends together to form a necklace.life preserver necklace inprocess4
  8. Keep doing this until the necklace is big enough to fit around your head.life preserver necklace inprocess5
  9. At the bottom of the necklace, press firmly against the backside of the life preserver so the backside of the lifesaver will stick to the ends of the necklace.life preserver necklace inprocess6
  10. You will then end up with a completely edible life preserver necklace! So cool right?

Edible Life Preserver Necklace Featured

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