Egg Carton Computer Hack

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My computer often gets hot on the bottom (also known as overheating) and although I know I need to clear up some space on my hard drive, that takes time. If I am in a pinch, and I want to just make sure it doesn’t get too hot, I use an egg carton underneath.

This Egg Carton Computer Hack is not only good for keeping the bottom of the computer nice and cool with good air circulation, but I also like how when I set the egg carton underneath, it kind of tilts the keyboard a bit and this makes it comfortable for my work.

Egg Carton Computer Hack

To pull off this Egg Carton Computer Hack you will need:

  • a laptop computer
  • an egg carton

Here’s how to do the Egg Carton Computer Hack:

1. Lift up your laptop and make sure the surface underneath is clear and free of debris.

2. Open out an egg carton and flip it upside-down, making sure the lower section is in the front. Set it on the table.

Egg Carton Computer Hack

3. Set the computer on top and you are all set!

Egg Carton Computer Hack

Brilliant, right? Plus, it’s totally cost-effective since it doesn’t cost you anything extra besides a dozen of eggs! Whoop!

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