This Electric Boat Lounger Is The Perfect Way To Take Your Day At The Lake To The Next Level

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It’s always nice to take a break from the ocean’s saltwater and crunchy seashells and to enjoy some fresh water and soft sand from a lake.

I’ve only been to a few lakes in my life and every visit, has been pure joy!

Courtesy of Chilli Island

If you’re like me and you’d rather just lounge instead of swim, this is the perfect motor boat to achieve ultimate relaxation!

Courtesy of Chilli Island

It’s called the Chilli Island Boat and it’s great if you prefer to be lazy on your vacation.

This motor boat allows up to six hours of battery power. To steer, use the trackball in the middle and make sure to check the on-board computer every so often to keep track of your speed and battery level.

Courtesy of Chilli Island

The boat also comes in a variety of colors and three sun shades shaped like palm leaves for style and shade.

The seats or as they call it, sun-beds, have two padded seats so no one has to travel alone.

Courtesy of Chilli Island

A two step ladder is also included just incase things get too slippery on the outside, so you can easily pull yourself up!

Courtesy of Chilli Island

So what’s the best feature about this electric boat you might ask? The sound system of course!

The bluetooth on deck allows you to plug in your music and in just seconds, you’ve got yourself a rockin’ boat, and I’m not just talking about the lake current!

Courtesy of Chilli Island

To rent, you can check out their website if you’re ever vacationing in Saint François, Guadeloupe or you can visit their Facebook to purchase your own!

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