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‘Emily’s Wonder Lab’ On Netflix Will Be Your Kids’ New Favorite Show And It’s All About Science

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My kids have a new favorite show. We stumbled across Emily’s Wonder Lab on Netflix, when I was about SICK of my son watching every episode of Zelda Master on YouTube.

Courtesy of Netflix

Right away, the show grabbed the attention of my kids — and I was just fine with it!


Emily’s Wonder Lab is a brightly colored, fun time of mess and experiments, and hands on greatness. It is sneaky, in that it teaches kids about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) before they even know what’s hit them. Ha!


Each episode is less than 20 minutes long — so it keeps the attention of my otherwise disengaged children — but it jam-packs the fun into this short amount of time, so they are laughing and learning right along with the kids on the show.


In every episode we get to see a cool STEAM science experiment, and the kids don’t even realize they are really learning! Whether it’s making fluorescent paint or oobleck that you can walk on, my kids literally beg to recreate the experiments after every show — and I love it!!


You might be thinking, “Who the heck is Emily, and why is she qualified to teach my kids anything about STEAM?”


Well, my friends, she is a total badass. Emily has FOUR degrees in science. Not an easy feat. I couldn’t even begin to get ONE degree in science. Ha!


I have two degrees in undergrad, one Bachelors of Science in mechanical engineering, one and aerospace engineering from West Virginia University. And then I went to MIT for a master’s in aeronautics and astronautics engineering and then a second Master’s in something called technology and policy.

Emily Calandrelli in an interview with Moms.com

If that weren’t enough, Emily is an MIT-engineer who just happens to work with NASA. She also works on Bill Nye Saves the World, and hosts FOX’s Xploration Outer Space. Not to mention, she’s given THREE Tedx talks, and been nominated for THREE EMMY Awards.


She knows her stuff when it comes to everything science, and she OBVIOUSLY knows how to relate to and interactive with kids!

You can catch full episodes of Emily’s Wonder Lab on Netflix, and I promise you, if you let your kids watch ONE episode, they will be begging for more!

Courtesy of Netflix

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