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Everyone Hates the New @everyone Feature on Facebook

Facebook has a new feature and people are wondering why…

Honestly, the new feature is not only controversial, it’s downright annoying.

Facebook’s new feature is called the @everyone tag and it does exactly what it sounds like it does.

What is Facebook’s @everyone feature?

The @everyone feature allows a group admin or moderator to tag literally everyone in a group. By using the @everyone in the Facebook description, it will tag everyone in the group and notify them of the tag.

While it could be great for small groups created for family functions, events or other close-nit communities, I can see this getting very annoying, very fast.

If everyone begins using this @everyone tag, you’ll be bombarded with notifications and honestly, who wants that?

As you can imagine, people hate the new feature (and with good reason). It is an annoyance and seems a dishonest way to connect with people because instead of tagging an individual person, you are tagging literally everyone.

People are talking about it all over social media saying that if they see a group using this new feature, they will immediately leave that group.

So, while Facebook is pushing this feature trying to get people to stay on the app, I fear this will do the exact opposite.

What do you think of this new feature?

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos.