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Facebook Is Teaming Up With DoorDash To Deliver Marketplace Purchases and We Are Here For It

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Do you ever see something you want to buy on Marketplace… but you really don’t want to go pick it up?

Well, that’s me… I have zero desire to show up at a stranger’s house to pick up a purchase.

Thankfully, we may have a new option popping up soon from DoorDash to make things easier on us.


Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is teaming up with DoorDash to deliver your Marketplace purchases within 15 miles of your home.

Now, don’t get too excited, you can’t purchase a furniture set and hope to have it delivered by a DoorDash driver.

The items that will qualify for DoorDash delivery must be smaller enough to be able to fit into the trunk of a car.

DoorDash drivers will have to deliver the Marketplace items within 48 hours.

If there are larger items you want to purchase on Marketplace and have delivered, you can always use the service called Dolly, but they are not available everywhere.

At this time it hasn’t been announced where the DoorDash option will be available, nor how much the service will cost… but the service is currently being tested in a few cities.

I think this is such a great option and will be helpful to many people that are unable to get out on their own.

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