Facebook Can Track Everything You Do Even When Not on Facebook. Here’s How To Turn It Off.

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I have to say, I really hate that they can do things like this without our knowledge or consent but nonetheless, it’s worth knowing about!

In case you didn’t know, Facebook Can Now Track Everything You Do Off of Facebook.

That means every time you check your bank account, check your email, etc.

This was part of the last update to Facebook’s terms of use.

The good news is, there is a way to turn it off but it requires very specific steps.

I have provided a step-by-step tutorial on how to turn this setting off once and for all!

How to Turn off Facebook Tracking Your Activity

First off, you’ll want to ensure you are using a desktop or laptop. It doesn’t seem to work as easily on the Facebook app.

Now, go over to under your profile image (top right corner) and click “Settings and Privacy”.

Then click “Settings”.

Then on the left side of your screen click “Your Facebook Information”.

Then click view next to “Off-Facebook Activity”. You will see this page:

First, click “Clear History” to clear any data and activity they currently have tracked for you.

Then click out of that screen and click “Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity” and this screen will pop up.

Click the blue “Manage Future Activity” button again (I know, sorry for all the steps, it’s not my fault).

Then click the blue button to toggle it off under “Future Off-Facebook Activity”.

It may pop up saying it will sign you out of some apps or they won’t work properly and that is fine.

You can re-login into those apps without having to have Facebook track your off-Facebook activity.

Then refresh this page and you should see the screen like this:

That’s it! I know it’s a lot of steps but if you want Facebook to stop tracking your every move, this needs to be done.

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