‘Fancy Friday’ Is The New Stay-At-Home Fashion Trend and I’m Doing It

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I am digging this Fancy Friday thing! Have you heard of it?


We are ALL dressed in our Working From Home Attire all week long, so Fridays — which are normally Casual Fridays — are set aside as now Fancy Fridays!!

Courtesy of @misslauraanndawson on Instagram

People are even dressing in cocktail dresses and tuxedos, if they have them! Ha!


I LOVE my Work From Home Attire, but this is awesome! It makes me want to pull out the ONE dress I own, and get all fancy-schmancy on Fridays.


You could even throw on the most blinged out jewelry you have, and just go for it.


Get your little ones involved! They will have a total blast.


Having the opportunity to dress up once a week may just lift our spirits, while we are in quarantine. I know I’m smiling just LOOKING at these pictures!


When y’all dress up on Fridays, you HAVE to Instagram it with the hashtag #fancyfriday, so I can see them all!


I mean, I’ll do it, if you do! Now, I wish I would have bought that tiara at Claire’s. Ha! I thought I’d never have the opportunity to wear it; I was WRONG!


If I HAD a Disney Princess outfit, I’d totally be wearing it on Fridays!


We don’t want to leave the dudes out. Break out your finest, guys! It’s time to dust off those fancy duds, and put them to good use!


I totally want to put flowers in my hair! OMG — I need a crown of flowers and ribbon. I’m DOING this Fancy Friday thing!!


This might just be my FAVORITE Fancy Friday outfit. Ha! If you have an ascot, I totally want to see it, with a smoking jacket.


@Misslauraanndawson on Instagram has officially claimed Friday, March 27th as Fancy Friday — But, I say go for it EVERY Friday!


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