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Make Fancy Pinecones

Painted Pinecone from Totally The Bomb.comMy Daughter and I love pinecones. They’re one of our favorite things to decorate, and it’s a bonus that they smell so spectacular. We love to make them all fancy and then give them as gifts.

Painted, glitter pinecones are super easy to make. All you need is some spray paint, a few pinecones, and some glitter!

How do you make them?

Cover your work surface, put some gloves on, and bust out the spray paint. (If you’re letting your kid do this craft, make sure to watch them!)

Pinecone Painting from Totally The


Now, while the paint is still wet, just sprinkle the glitter.

Painted Pinecone from Totally The


Let them dry, shake them off, and you have a year round centerpiece!

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