This Man Built His Wife A Farmhouse Chicken Coop and Now I Want One

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Talk about a step up from a regular chicken coop.

Jessie Hunt asked her husband for a favor, if he could build a farmhouse for their chickens and the product is finally finished after an entire month’s work!

Courtesy of Jessie Hunt

Mrs. Hunt shared the photos to Facebook with their finished chicken farmhouse and it looks stunning!

These chickens are already spoiled.

Courtesy of Jessie Hunt

The “Hunt chickens” are going to love their new home and there’s even a swing and a playing area for the chickens to gather together.

Courtesy of Jessie Hunt

Plus, the decorations are exquisite. We see the small puns including your “hanging with my peeps” sign and the “fluffy butt hut, last one is a rotten egg” introduction hanging on the front door, (my personal favorite)!

Also as a plant lover, the two potted plants on either sides of the front door were a nice touch. You can never go wrong with a plant addition to add decoration.

Courtesy of Jessie Hunt

Mrs. Hunt’s post is currently standing at 3.2k shares, so go on and give them a thumbs up for their spectacular work with the chicken’s new home!

Congrats on going viral and a job well done Mr. Hunt!

Courtesy of Jessie Hunt

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