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Farrah Abraham Just Let Her 14-Year-Old Daughter Get 6 Piercings and People Have Thoughts

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I’m all for expressing yourself with piercings and ink.

You do you, boo.

But, is 14 years old maybe a bit too young to be putting permanent holes in your face?

Farrah Abraham just let her daughter, Sophia, celebrate her 14th birthday with a piercing party.

The Teen Mom star let her 14-year-old daughter get SIX piercings, including her face and ears.

@sophialabraham HAPPY 14th Birthday! #snakebite & #earlobe piercing party! 6 piercings later #snakebitepiercings you match vour snake 🎂 can you even eat your cake?

Farrah Abraham

Now, Farrah is defending her decision, because there is so much worse a 14 year old could be doing — including boozing it up, experimenting with drugs, and having sex.

But, she is getting run over the coals on Instagram for her decision to let Sophia get pierced.

Why are we ok with this? I know I’ll cop a lot of hate for this but she’s 14! Yes piercings can close up and heal perfectly, but where is the line drawn? Where is the innocence of being 14 gone? Maybe I’m old school, maybe I’m wrong but I feel like by allowing our children to dictate to us what they do is removing any parental rights we have. I’m all for supporting your children and guiding them accordingly.. but seriously – where is that line?!


Y’all are wild thinking this is normal behavior between a mom and a 14 year old….all these piercings on her face are too much at 14.


Dude, enjoy your little girl. Stop showing this behavior. Be a mother, for once. She’s only 14 instead of being her friend first… be her MOTHER. You have no boundaries for her. I can not believe the crap you allow. Why????


I will say — as a mom with a 15 year old — parenting is HARD. You struggle with wanting to be their friend, but setting boundaries and being a “mean” mom when needed.

It sucks.

BUT, I can’t decide if Farrah is wrong or right here.

You have to let them express themselves — within reason — or they are going to act out.

But, will they choose to act out anyway?

It’s such a slippery slope and tough situation.

What do you think? Is Farrah being a good mom for letting Sophia express herself with piercings? Or, does she need to rein it in, and set a few boundaries?

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