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Your Kid Can Get A Fart Cloud Costume For Halloween and It Is Hilarious

Oh man, this just hits so close to home… I have two boys and you know what they talk about all the time?! Farts and Butts.

I think it’s a boy thing because I grew up with two brothers who did as well…

So, when I came across this Fart Cloud Costume for Kids, I just about died laughing!!

That’s what’s great about kids. Kids don’t have any pressure on them to be mature, so they can laugh at a fart for what it is! It’s also why this Fart Cloud Costume for kids is pure, comedic gold. When your child wears it to the next costume party, they’ll be getting ALL of the laughs!

This fart cloud costume comes with the fart cloud (which also looks like a giant loofah) and a sound machine that makes fart sounds.

This costume comes with a small speaker that makes fart noises with the press of a button. The speaker has a small battery pack attached to it (batteries sold separately).

You can get your kids a Fart Costume here.