Fireball Is Getting Sued for Their Mini Bottles That Don’t Actually Contain Any Whisky

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If you’ve ever ambitiously picked up a handful of the miniature fireball shots for girls night, there’s a reason why you may have not tasted any whisky on your tongue.

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Fireball is currently being sued for their teeny tiny fireball shots because these bottles, don’t have any whisky in them whatsoever.

And as it turns out, the mini bottles that read “Fireball Cinnamon” on the front are instead a malt beverage.

The truth was uncovered from a class action lawsuit filed by Anna Marquez in Illinois via Food & Wine.

The lawsuit was specifically filed against the Sazerac Company, Inc., aka the company who makes Fireball because their labels mislead customers.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are two bottles of the miniature fireball shots and while they may look the same, they are different.

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To be more specific, there’s the Fireball Cinnamon and Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and currently, the label for the Fireball Cinnamon reads a “Malt Beverage with Natural Whisky & Other Flavors and Caramel Color.”

Plus, the Fireball Cinnamon miniature has a 16.5% ABV which is nearly half than what’s included in the Fireball Cinnamon Whisky which is totaled at 33%.

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“Using the words ‘With Natural Whisky & Other Flavors’ is a clever turn of phrase because consumers who strain to read this will [not] see how it ‘Natural Whisky’ is distinct from ‘Other Flavors,’” the lawsuit states. “They will think the product is a malt beverage with added natural whisky and other flavors.

United Stated District Court Northern District of Illinois
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“What the label means to say is that the product contains ‘Natural Whisky Flavors & Other Flavors,’ but by not including the word ‘Flavors’ after ‘Natural Whisky,’ purchasers who look closely will expect the distilled spirit of whisky was added as a separate ingredient,” the lawsuit says.

United Stated District Court Northern District of Illinois
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Although on the FAQ’s page of Fireball’s website, the brand summarizes the difference between their Fireball Cinnamon and the Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.

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“There are 2 key differences between the Fireball Cinnamon labels vs the Fireball Whisky label: Any package with Fireball ‘Cinnamon Whisky’ on the front label is our whisky-based product,” the site explains. “Any product with Fireball ‘Cinnamon’ on the front label, without ‘Whisky’, is either our malt-based or wine-based product.”

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And the final decision of the lawsuit, may now be up to the courts.

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