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Her First Mobile Phone

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My daughter needs her first mobile phone.

Now that her parents aren’t together anymore, she needs a way to get in touch with me when she’s with her dad and her dad when she’s with me. The problem is, I want to save on my mobile phone bill, not add to it! So, I went on the hunt to find the cheapest possible phone plan. She needed unlimited text for sure, and I didn’t want to have to worry about her going over her minutes. 

So, I did what any sane person looking to purchase a phone at Christmas would do, I went to the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store. I’m not talking about the big Best Buy store, I am talking about a small store in the mall where all they do is sell phones all day and talk cell plans with all the different carriers.

Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores #shop

And that was exactly what I needed. Because DUDE the guy who works at my store was crazy helpful.

Samsung GS4 Mini on Sprint #shop

Like, seriously… he went through every possible plan and answered every question I had, and he even told me about this student mobile plan* Sprint has going where students get free cell phone plans for a year with unlimited talk and text and 1mb of data per month. All you have to do is buy the phone! Oh, and you can add UNLIMITED data to the plan for only TEN DOLLARS. I don’t know about your kids, but my daughter watches an insane amount of YouTube. We need that unlimited data. This is pretty much the best deal in the history of all deals that have ever been made.  With a deal this good, I don’t see any reason NOT to let her have a mobile phone!

Free Cell Service with Sprint #shop

Oh, and in his spare time, he decorates the mobile phone cases. WANT!

otter box mobile phone cases #shop


*This promotion is available now through 1/04/2014. Credit approval is required upon activation, and there is a $36 activation free per line. To qualify as a student, you must be an active student enrolled in a US-based elementary, middle school, high school, college, university, or accredited institute. The phone must be purchased at Student Activated Price, and the account holder must provide proof of student eligibility within 14 days of activation to remain on the Unlimited, My Way℠ plan with 12-months free text, talk, and data.


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