It is ‘Fish Doorbell Season’ and It’ll Become Your Newest Obsession

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Calling all fish lovers…

It is officially FISH DOORBELL SEASON!! Ding. Ding. Ding.

Okay, you likely have no clue what I am talking about but once I explain, I bet it will quickly become your newest obsession…

What is fish doorbell season?

Fish doorbell season is referred to a time where a website is active where people can watch a livestream of fish.

If you see a fish, you are supposed to ring a doorbell informing the gatekeeper a fish has arrived. This will allow the gatekeeper to open a latch and allow the fish to swim upstream for spawning.


When you are watching the live stream, you will see the image above with the doorbell button in red off to the right.

According to the website:

Fish swim every spring from the Vecht, via the Oudegracht and the canals, to the Kromme Rijn. Straight through Utrecht, looking for a place to lay eggs and reproduce. Sometimes they have to wait a long time at the Weerdsluis, because the lock gates do not open often in early spring. That is why there is a camera under water at the lock. Are there fish in the picture? Press the bell. The lock keeper received a signal and, if there are many fish, will open the lock.

And if you’re wondering what fish you may see, here’s the list of fish you can potentially see while watching the website:

At any given time, there are hundreds of people watching this live feed hoping to see a fish swim up to the camera.

And if you’re wondering the best times to watch, the website also gives some great tips on the best time to see fish:

Now, it’s important to note that, the website is in Dutch but if you are using Google, there’s a little button up by your web address bar that allows you to change the website text into English.

So, if you are wanting to have a new obsession, this is it!

You can watch the live stream of the Fish Doorbell here.

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