Five Things I Love About Writing

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happyheartWriting is awesome. Seriously, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. But, what makes it so great? Well, I am here to tell you just a few, perhaps, five even… things I LOVE about writing.

1. It’s like I am working, but I’m not. Seriously… I spend hours in front of my computer, typing away… but it’s so much fun that it isn’t even work. Sure, there are parts that suck, but mostly it’s just fun. It’s more fun than watching television, it’s more fun than painting my nails (I LOVE to paint my nails….) heck, dare I say it’s more fun than World of Warcraft. Who knew that was even possible?

2. The friends! I’ve blogged about them before, but it’s so true! There are so many great writer guys and gals. We all have this whole writing bug thang in common, and that makes it even better. Because a friend just isn’t a true friend until you can sit across the booth from them with your headphones in and your laptop on click click clicking away!

3. The characters. This is so fun, because when you are standing in line at the grocery store and some crazy lady freaks out because she got overcharged for jell-o then you can write her in. That’s like six kinds of awesome right there.

4. You are required to read. Writers read. It’s a requirement. What’s better than reading? nothing–that’s what.

5. Your job title sounds so cool. People say, ‘What do you do?” I say, “Oh, I’m a writer.” hehe I will never get tired of that.

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