Five Things Your Kid Will Never Forget

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We all have those childhood memories, the little events in our life that shaped us and made us who we are today.

This summer, my goal was to give my daughter some of those awe-inspiring moments. To take her as many places as I could and to let her see things she would remember not just in her head, but with her heart and her soul.

things I can't forget

Five things your kid will never forget:

The ocean. Your kid will never forget the first time you took them out to see real ocean. Make it a road trip, make it an adventure where you just drive down and dip your toes in. Do whatever it takes, just take your kid to see the ocean. It’s the closest thing they will ever get to magic. I know for me this was my unforgettable moment this summer. This is the memory I want to last a lifetime for my daughter.

things I can't forget

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An impromptu early morning hike. Wake them up when they least expect it. Pack a bag with yummy snacks and have breakfast on the trail. Because, why not?

things I can't forget

Dance with them. Dance like you’re a rockstar. Until you’re so tired you can’t move a muscle. Laugh about how bad you were, and show your kids that it’s okay to make a fool of yourself, and that it’s especially okay to make a fool of yourself in front of the people who love you.

things I can't forget

Go anywhere and take pictures. Find a cool spot around town, and tell your kid they’re the star. Let them be as silly as they want to be, and you will have pictures that show the real them. They will remember posing for you, and you will have those memories preserved forever.

things I can't forget

Slow down. I can’t say this enough. If you want your kid to remember the good stuff, then slow down and see the moments yourself. Look around, take a second to live in the moment, and you can make an unforgettable memory for both you and your kid.

things I can't forget

Just remember, they will remember the love. So show it to them!

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