You Can Get A Floating Beer Pong Game For The Coolest Pool Party Around

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This pool float I found at Walmart is EVERYTHING you will need this summer.

Your summer pool party is about to get turnt up!

Why? You can get this Inflatable Beer Pong Table, and it’s sure to be the breakout star of any get together this summer.

Courtesy of Walmart

This inflatable game board is six feet of floating fun, and there are also three different ways to enjoy this awesome inflatable pool lounger.

Courtesy of Walmart

It has a full TEN-hole cup setup on each end for easy gameplay. You can fill the cups with juice for a fun family game, or your drink of choice for a little bit more adultish party.

Courtesy of Walmart

Each side of the raft is also lined with four cup holders for social floating, so you and your friends can float and socialize around the table between pong games.

Courtesy of Walmart

Party time over? You can totally take out all the cups (except YOURS, of course), and use this inflatable table as a tanning raft, to layout in the sun in style. Doesn’t that sound completely glorious right about now?!?

Courtesy of Walmart

The Inflatable Beer Pong game comes with the inflatable table, plus it also comes with six Ping Pong balls. All you need are the SOLO cups (which coincidentally, Walmart also has) and you are game ready!

Courtesy of Walmart

You can get YOUR Inflatable Beer Pong Table right on the Walmart website. It is $41, and worth every single penny!

Courtesy of Walmart

While there is a game of beer pong going on in the pool, you can also have a game going down on dry land. Check out this Beer Pong Golf Set! It’s minigolf meets beer pong, and I best be invited to THAT party.

Courtesy of Wayfair

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