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People Are Making Floating Candles Out Of Pool Noodles To Put In Their Pool

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Taking a night swim after a long day in the heat is like a reward, and what better way to relax after the nine to five work day than lounging in the cool pool.

To jazz up your night swim with a little illumination, people are turning pool noodles into floating candles and it is genius.

Courtesy of Family Handyman

If you have a pool you most likely have a few pool noodles hanging around.

Grab your scissors, plastic wrap, small plastic hair ties, LED tea lights.


Once you’ve accumulated all of the necessary supplies, you can start by placing plastic wrap at the bottom of your tea light to protect the battery from the pool water.

Courtesy of RightThisMinute

You then want to cut multiple sections of the pool noodle for the light to fit into, you can use scissors to trim away any uneven edges.

Courtesy of @rj_dee2

Once you are able to push the light into the center of the pool noodle, trim away any excess plastic wrap and you’re finished!

Courtesy of RightThisMinute

After making several of these pool noodle tea lights, your pool will become an illuminated spa after hours.

Courtesy of @JessicaHord

Some individuals are even going as far as making flowering pool noodle lights for more of a show!

Courtesy of @Mother Daughter Projects

For a romantic night or even just a swim to unwind, these illuminated pool noodle lights will help you achieve maximum relaxation with a soft atmospheric glow.

Courtesy of @Mother Daughter Projects

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