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You Can Get A Floating Pool Speaker That Lights Up Rainbow Colors And I So Need One

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Tis’ the season for all things fun in the sun! The pool is the place to be, so why not accessorize it?

There are so many different and amazing pool floats you can purchase (my favorite are these from Target!), but have you ever thought about sprucing up your pool with a fun floating light?


There is nothing better than being able to listen to your favorite hits while chilling in the pool. But add some rainbow colored lights and I am SOLD!


You can choose the light setting and you can even use the Bluetooth to call people from the pool. How awesome is that?

This may be the best new pool accessory of the season so make sure to run to Amazon to snag one!

This specific one is $40, but there are a bunch of different options throughout the page!

You can grab the Floating Bluetooth Speaker Here.


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