You Can Get A Fluffy Waterproof Blanket That Retains Heat To Keep You Warm and I Love It

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Look I know we are smack dap in the middle of summer but it’s NEVER too early to begin thinking ahead about how to stay warm come winter, right?

Personally, I can’t sleep when I am too hot or when I am too cold. I know, I am sort of a pain when it comes to sleeping but I have to be comfy cozy!

That is where this FLUFFY waterproof blanket comes into play – it absorbs heat to keep you warm. Plus, it is machine washable. SCORE!

This blanket is perfect for camping, cozying up in the house, taking outdoors and even using as a stadium blanket for sporting events.

Basically, any time you need to be warm, this blanket has got you covered (literally).

It also comes with a handy bag with straps to make it carrying easy.

The insulation is made with microfiber and helps block the wind and rain to keep you dry and warm.

Oh and did I mention this blanket is BIG? It is over 6.5 feet long and 4.5 feet wide (80 inches by 54 inches) so ya know, it is the perfect blanket for cuddling. *Wink Wink*

I LOVE this blanket and so do my kids. I think I might need to get a few more.

I like to use mine at night when I sit on the deck and it’s a bit chilly outside. It’s perfect for keeping me warm while I stargaze.

You can grab this fluffy waterproof blanket on Amazon for just $68.73 with free shipping if you’re a prime member.

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