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You Can Get a Fortune-Telling Wax Kit That Will Tell You Your Future for the New Year

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Regardless of our feelings with how this year has panned out, we all can’t help but wonder what the future might have in store.

And as the new year approaches, many of us will have our bad habits crossed out, new goals written, and making resolutions that are listed in numerical order.

And although many individuals prefer to write down a list of goals, dreams, and resolutions for the new year, fortune-telling is also a big hit when it comes to the unknown of the upcoming new year.

A popular tradition for many, fortune-telling, and more specifically wax pouring, has been used repeatedly on New Year’s Eve to hint at what could be waiting for us in the new year.

Courtesy of @CopseandSpinney

Thanks to Etsy shop owner @CopseandSpinney, you can get a wax pouring, fortune-telling kit to continue on your tradition of showing you what may come in the future.


What’s called Molybdomancy, this practice is the art of revealing what may be in your future by examing the molten properties in lead.

More specifically in this kit, you will be identifying the shapes that form from the wax you will melt, this practice includes melting wax over a spoon that’s held over a candle flame and then dipped in cold water.

Afterwards you should see a hardened figure which will allow you to examine the shape to fortune-tell your future.

Here are a few examples of what the future holds if you see these shapes:

  • Bird: Good luck
  • Genie’s Lamp: Adventure
  • Mushroom: Love
  • Scissors: Important decisions are coming

The kit includes one tea light candle
, eight beeswax charms
, a spoon, and an instruction book and guide and you can currently find the wax pouring, fortune-telling kit on Etsy for the new year!

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