Frank’s RedHot Seasoning Mixes Are Here So Get Ready To Spice Things Up

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I love spicy stuff. Sadly, my insides don’t agree with my taste buds, but I will torture myself anyhow because it tastes good! My taste buds win.

Frank’s RedHot

Frank’s ‘RedHot’ Hot Sauce is a staple at our house. We always have a bottle on hand. I use it on so many things and people kind of think that I’m weird about that. I put it on greens, mac & cheese, pizza, etc! So good!


If you are also a fan of the spicy goodness of Frank’s ‘RedHot’ Hot Sauce, then you will probably be as excited as I am about the dry seasoning mixes they have available.

Frank’s RedHot

How did I not know about this? I came across this product on Instagram and I can not wait to grab some to try for myself.

They have two different kinds available. One is for ranch dip and the other is for queso dip.


To make the ranch dip you just need to mix it in sour cream. Easy peasy, done! To make the queso you will need cheese, tomatoes, and milk.

Frank’s RedHot

But the options don’t end there! Think of all of the recipes you could make with this! They even have a recipe posted to make Buffalo Mac N’ Cheese! The recipe uses the  Frank’s® RedHot® Queso Dip Seasoning Mix.

Do you have any ideas on other ways to use these two seasoning packs? I bet the ranch would be awesome slathered on a burger! Or just look at this Spicy BLT Ranch Dip

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  1. Instead of sour cream in the ranch, I would substitute Greek yogurt and maybe add bleu cheese crumbles.