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Here’s How To Get A Free 6-Piece Chicken Nugget From McDonald’s Tomorrow

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Right after Target announced its discounted prices on basic goods, McDonald’s has followed pursuit.

McDonald’s has just cut the price on one of their fan-favorite menu items with a discount so low, it’ll cost you nothing from your wallet after you order it!

Courtesy of McDonald’s

Thanks to the golden arches, you can get a free 6-piece chicken nugget for zero bucks!

That’s right! For the cost of nothing, you can score that crunchy, 6-piece McNugget with your favorite dipping sauce that you’ve been craving all week as part of your lunch at the office!

Courtesy of McDonald’s

And the best part about this deal is that you can snag a free 6-piece without any other purchase, score!

How’s that for celebrating Hump Day?

Courtesy of McDonald’s

Now here’s how to get that deal.

Customers will need to order through the McDonald’s app, but it’s also important to note that this offer is only valid for one day only!

Courtesy of McDonald’s

So consider stopping by the McDonald’s drive-thru tomorrow because McNugget fans will be able to get score a free 6-piece chicken nugget from the fast food giant!

Courtesy of McDonald’s

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