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Today Is Free Ice Cream Cone Day at McDonald’s

Today is Free National Ice Cream Cone day!

I’m not quite sure what the difference is between “national ice cream” and “national ice cream cone day” but hey, it’s just another excuse to get FREE ice cream and I’m not complaining!

If you have yet to download the McDonalds app, do it as soon as you can because with the app, you can get a free soft serve cone with only a $1 minimum purchase.

Talk about an amazing day to start your Tuesday morning; I wont judge if you eat ice cream for breakfast!

Just make sure you order through the app, which is why you need to download it ASAP!

Plus, who doesn’t want a free soft serve at McDonalds, their ice cream is so smooth and so delicious and all you need to do is purchase a water bottle or a medium fry to get the free cone!

Some people are even seeing a Buy One, Get One cone deal in the app!

Trust me, you’ll regret missing out on today’s deal because it’s the little things like receiving free ice cream that makes the day more exciting!

Also, does anybody else find the bottom of the cone with the last bit of ice cream the best part or is it just me? What can I say I’m curious!