Free Printable Vintage Postcard Recipe Cards

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I’m totally into exotic meals right now…I’m craving a vacation and since the budget doesn’t allow, I guess I’m making-up for it by coming-up with exotic dinners from far away places. It’s kind of a fun game and to keep the charade up, I made some Free Printable Vintage Postcard Recipe Cards.

Vintage Postcard Recipe Card Feature

I’m totally in love with these little postcards of recipe-awesomeness! It’s got everything I need to enjoy a meal from basically anywhere fun.

What’s so Special About these Vintage Postcard Recipe Cards?

  • Each of the four cards has a different stamp, so you can enjoy the idea of the recipe coming to you from Brazil, Chile, British Columbia, or, my favorite, St. Helena!
  • They’re all postmarked Brooklyn 1959, so you can keep-up the vintage charm!
  • The postcards are SUPER fun, but they’re also totally functional…They’ve got a place for the name of the recipe, the ingredients and the instructions…PERFECT!

Click here to download your Free Printable Vintage Postcard Recipe Cards index cards!

Or, if you’d prefer, feel free to download them individually feel free to download each below:

Vintage Postcard Recipe Card FB

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