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This Adorable French Bulldog Fakes A Hurt Leg For Attention And It’s Hysterical

My puppers is pretty dramatic. He will do most anything for attention and love.

But, this French bulldog wins the prize for most devious, dramatic dog.

This fur baby’s name is Snow, and she definitely knows how to get that sympathy from her human parent.

In this TikTok video, Snow can be seen dragging her right foot behind her as she scoots across the floor.

Now, at first glance it’s really easy to think, “Oh no!! What is wrong with that doggers??”

But, just wait.

My Snow acting like there’s something wrong with her leg when it’s not… damn silly smart French bulldog.

You can hear Snow’s owner in the background of the video.

Can you please cut it out? There’s nothing wrong with you.

LOL!! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Snow.

Snow sucks it when she realizes she has been found out.

Suddenly, Snow — the sneaky dog — starts walking absolutely normally. Ha!!

I just want to give this cutie-pie smooches and cuddles.

She’s almost too smart for her own good!

You can see the entire video of Snow faking her injury HERE.