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The Front Hair Bump is Back and I’m Not Mad About It

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I’m not one to follow trends, I’m more of a “I’ll do and wear what I want, when I want” kind of gal.

With that being said, it always makes things 10x better when something you’ve been doing forever, comes back in style.

I swear everything comes back full-circle and then you’re like, hey, I never stopped doing that ha!

Cue in the front hair bump… It’s back baby!!

Now, we aren’t talking about the Snooki hair bump, just the subtle but cute little bump in the front.


People all over social media and TikTok are sharing videos of them sporting the look from the early 2000’s.

I mean, aside from being cute, it’s a great way to hide bangs you may have cut in the moment and later regret ha!

I am all for the front bump being back. It’s cute, functional and perfect for days you don’t feel like washing your hair!

Whoot! So, go out and rock that front bump!!

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