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Frozen 2 Is Now Available To Buy On Amazon and I Am So Excited

We have been patiently waiting, and it’s FINALLY available!


Gah! WHAT?!? The DVD doesn’t come out until February 25!

It’s true! For pure experimental purposes, I bought the streaming movie from Amazon.

Just to follow through with the experiment, I had to watch it all the way through. You know, just to make sure it was all there.

It, in fact, WAS all there! *Squee*

This is HUGE!! We can now watch FROZEN II, before it even comes out on DVD, thanks to Amazon Prime Video!!

It is $19.99, and you can choose to get it with bonus content, or just skip the extras.

You can also choose to get it in 4K UHD. I’m going to be honest. I don’t understand what that is. It has to do with pixels and resolution.

If you REALLY want to wait for the DVD, you can purchase Frozen II on Tuesday, February 25th. I will have watched it about 112 times before then. Ha!

If you LOVE Frozen II, like I do, you TOTALLY have to check out All The World’s Elsas Singing “Into The Unknown!”

Catch the Official Trailer for Frozen II below.