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‘Frozen 3’ Is In The Works At Disney And I Can’t Wait

Frozen is getting a third film, and my kids are doing a little happy dance.

It’s time to go back to the world of Arendelle along with Anna and Elsa and perhaps some other Frozen friends that we can’t do without.

Now, Frozen 3 is just in the development stage right now.

That means they haven’t even started putting the movie together — there probably isn’t even a script as of yet.

But, we know it’s coming, and that’s good enough!

This week, during a Disney company’s Q1 earnings call, Bob Iger made the big Frozen announcement, and I can only bet everyone went absolutely crazy.

Idina Menzel even took to social media to confirm the news, so you know it’s a done thing.

Well, now they know! Time to let it go again, people! ❄️ #frozen #frozen3

Idina Menzel

Now, when we left Anna and Elsa at the end of Frozen 2, they had saved Arendelle from destruction, found out their mom was hiding her own ice powers, and stumbled upon the knowledge that Elsa was the 5th elemental spirit.

Can we just take a minute to acknowledge the absolute adorableness that is Bruni, the elemental fire spirit.

I certainly hope he gets a little screen time in Frozen 3!

There’s no word yet on exactly who will be returning in the third installment of the Frozen franchise.

Kristin Bell and Idina Menzel have both made it clear they’d be down to reprise their roles in a third film.

But, we can’t say exactly if they will return, or in what capacity.

Although, it wouldn’t really be a Frozen movie without them, would it?!?

We also don’t have any clue about directors, writers, plot, or release date at this point. 

But, you can be sure we will keep you updated just as soon as more Frozen news drops.