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Move Over Fireworks, Fruit Sparklers Are The New Hot Trend for 4th of July

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While fireworks are common when it comes to celebrating the Fourth, prepare for the show at the end of the night to be ribboned second place because these fruit sparklers are going to steal the spotlight.

Introducing fruit sparklers, edible sparklers made out of fruit!

Courtesy of @_naturallynatalia

An easy snack to lay out on a platter while celebrating the festivities of the Fourth, all you need is a large Watermelon, a few packs of blueberries, bamboo skewers, and cookie cutters to get the job done.

Courtesy of @authenticfork

Cutting your watermelon in half, grab a star cookie cutter and cut your watermelon in star shapes which will be placed at the top of your skewer.

Courtesy of @authenticfork

Snagging a few blueberries, poke a hole through the middle and place each blueberry one next to another underneath the star-shaped watermelon piece.

Courtesy of @3wholepeas

How many blueberries you decide to use on the skewer is at your discretion!

Courtesy of @meo723

When you’re done, the finished look should look similar to a sparkler!

Courtesy of @arebee3

So while you’re sitting on a blanket watching the fireworks up above, these refreshing fruit sparklers will secretly be the star of the show at night.

Coureesy of @scottcameronbrown

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