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This Fruit Spread Advent Calendar Has Gone Viral On TikTok And I Can See Why

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I am ALL about advent calendars. So much that I usually get one for each family member AND one for the whole family! (yes it’s overboard…no, I don’t care)

There’s an advent calendar that has been circling social media that I just had to check out, and now I totally want one!


You can get an advent calendar that has fruit spreads and honey! Imagine waking up each morning in December with a new jam or jelly to try with your morning toast! Yum!


Not to mention how FREAKING adorable these little jars are! I want to collect them too!


If you haven’t tried Bonne Maman’s fruit spreads before, you are in for an absolute treat! These are SO good!


If you want to get your hands on these before the social media buying frenzy begins, these are currently available on Amazon for $34.99!


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