You Can Get A Full Christmas Dinner In A Can and Yes, It Includes Dessert

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Okay, I am not going to lie, the first time I saw this, I thought it was dog food. Not kidding.


So, this actually exists – it’s a full Christmas dinner… in a can.

If you think I am kidding, I am not. I am seriously concerned this is even a thing.


You could spend hours cooking the perfect Christmas dinner for the family OR you could just buy a few cans of these, open them, heat them up and call it a day. Your choice.


This is called the Christmas Tinner from GAME and it’s a nine-layer meal that includes everything you need for a traditional Christmas dinner, including dessert.


It starts with scrambled egg and bacon (maybe it’s intended for breakfast?).

Then it moves down to two mince pies, turkey and potatoes, gravy, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts with stuffing or broccoli with stuffing, roast carrots and parsnips, and, to complete the meal, Christmas pudding.


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, they also have this 3-course dinner in vegan and vegetarian options too. So, everyone can have it for the holidays.


Yeah, I am not feeling this but if you like it, then you do you boo!


You can buy this Full-Course Christmas Tinner aka Dinner Here.

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