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You Can Get A Tiny Gecko Air Freshener For Your Car And It’s Crazy Adorable

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Okay. I will admit it. I am a sucker for cute, kitschy things that can sit and gather dust decorate your house or car. But, you have to say, this little guy is SUPER cute!

But, check it out. This little dude isn’t just the most precious thing I’ve seen today, he actually has a function!! That’s how I justify it to my husband, anyway. LOL!!

Of course, you get it because it’s crazy adorable. However, BONUS, it’s an air freshener for your car!

Gah!! I love it!!

Sure, this is an official Genuine Audi Gecko for the cockpit of your car. But, I’ll let you in on a little secret — you don’t have to own an Audi to get it!! You might have to finagle it a bit for air vents that aren’t in an Audi, but you can make it work.

I mean, look at it!! It’s too cute to pass up.

This super cute Red Audi Air Freshening Gecko has a subtle floral scent that you’re going to love.

It starts working immediately after unpacking. Approximately 60 days. Afterwards it serves as a decorative element for your car. It really looks good and attracts attention.


This Gecko Air Freshener Is Super Easy To Install.

The gecko comes with a clip that will attach to your air vent. The clip is somewhat fragile, and can snap off if you aren’t careful.

So, if you just had an “arm day” at the gym, and you’re feeling all burly and swole, maybe don’t use all your strength putting this little guy together. Use a gentle touch. Haha!

You can’t refill the fragrance, unfortunately. But, really, you buy it ’cause it’s cute, AMRITE?!?

A very expensive air freshener, that I would definitely buy again.

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This Gecko Air Freshener is available in three colors: Red, Black, Light Gray.

Now they DO have seperate scents. While the Red (my personal fave) is floral, the Black one has a spicy scent, and the Light Gray one smells like citrus.

It works perfectly. The fragrance is fresh and comforting. The design is pleasing and those people that have spotted think it looked far more fun and engaging than a bright blue bubble or mock-up candle jar stuck on my vent. I highly recommend this item.

Amazon Reviews

Okay. Let’s talk price. This little guy only runs a little over twenty bucks. Sure, that’s steep for a regular old air freshener. But, this adorable gecko isn’t just an ordinary stick-on-your-vent air freshener.

It’s a whole vibe.

You can get your own Genuine Audi Gecko Cockpit Air Freshener on the Amazon website.

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