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Apparently Gen Z Puts Their Phone On ‘Do Not Disturb’ All Day and The Reason is Pure GENIUS

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Y’all, I am OLD. I remember when once you left the house no one could get ahold of you until you were home.

These days the majority of us feel lost if we leave the house without a smartphone.

When I leave the house I make sure I have my keys, my ID, cash, debit card, sunglasses, and of course my smartphone.

Coming from someone who is from a generation that experienced the newness of a lot of technology, I don’t like feeling lost without my phone.

I honestly think I could get by without it if there were still pay phones and I had a map in my car like in the old days.

I don’t particularly appreciate that people think they should have 24/7 access to me though. Sometimes I will get a text and then another text with an urgency that isn’t necessary.

I have some clients that think a text in the middle of the night is ok… it isn’t ok.

I used to respond to people immediately, I no longer do that and it’s so freaking freeing and peaceful!

I made use of the ‘Do not disturb’ feature ages ago and I will never NOT use it. I’ve since learned that this is something Gen Z is pretty adamant about and I love that!

Honestly, I thought Gen Z could not survive without constant connection, I was wrong. I was judgy, I’m kind of sorry… but I’m Gen X so I’m not super sorry.

Yes, they use their phones, but they have the notifications OFF most of the time.

If you want to add some peace back into your life you need to jump on this Gen Z trend too.

They refer to it as ‘DND’ and they have eased their anxiety, become more productive, and are more in the moment.

GENIUS reasons if you ask me!

Like I said previously, I’ve had my ‘DND’ set up for a long time and it has been so nice. I have different settings for different times of the day, but my favorite is my sleep settings.

At first, I was hesitant to use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings, but then I realized I could add my family to be an exception. My phone will still ring or ping no matter what time it is if the person is on my list.

So now every notification turns off and I can relax without being bothered. It really is nice because people will text or call you in the middle of the night and I am just ways too old for all of that.

I also use it during the day so that I can stay focused on the tasks that need to be completed. I get sidetracked way too easily and my friends are always sending me hilarious TikTok videos.

Now I can check those out AFTER my work is done so I don’t fall down a rabbit hole and waste an entire day. ‘DND’ is like my own personal security crew, no one is going to break my focus!

We need to remember that people do not need 24/7 access to us. We NEED boundaries.

So take advantage of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ features on your phone and take YOUR life back by blocking out that digital noise.

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