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Parents Need to See This Genius Hack For Removing Gum From Hair

Have you ever gotten gum stuck in your hair?

It’s not fun and can be a tough situation to get out of, usually resulting in me cutting the hunk with the gunk right out.

Sure, you could do the peanut butter or the ice cube method… but they take forever and the peanut butter hack can get quite messy.

I came across a TikTok video and was completely blown away over how simple and well this hair hack worked.

The TikTok video starts off with a user named Melissa saying “You wanna see a cool hair hack?” as she casually slides two sticks of gum in her mouth.

mabrowsandhair – TikTok

She chews up the gum in s sped-up section of the video, then she proceeds to remove the sticky chewing gum from her mouth and mash it into her own hair!

Even though I trusted the process I still cringed when you just casually squished the gum in your hair

Shelby Nicole – TikTok user comment

As I watched her really mashing that gum into her hair I was cringing because I totally thought she was going to go for the peanut butter or ice cube trick.

mabrowsandhair – TikTok

I was so very very wrong, her trick was so simple and worked so well that I am still mind blown!

Girl you CANNOT DO THAT WITHOUT WARNING. I think we all just had a heart attack

Chelsea – TikTok user comment
mabrowsandhair – TikTok

She pulled out her hair mousse and squirted out a handful.

Then she massaged the hair mousse into the hair and gum.

mabrowsandhair – TikTok

Once she had massaged it into the hair and gum, she took a comb and ran it through the hair a few times.

mabrowsandhair – TikTok

It’s like the hair mousse just disintegrated the gum and I’m still in shock.

You can watch her full TikTok video here to see it happen like magic!

mabrowsandhair – TikTok