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Germany Just Cancelled Oktoberfest This Year For The First Time Since World War II

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There are TWO things I think of when I think about Germany: Bratwurst and Oktoberfest.

Thank goodness, I can go to the store and get ALL the Bratwurst that I want. Throw it on the grill, and pair it with some sauerkraut — OMG. My stomach just growled.

Oktoberfest, however, that is a different story this year. *Sad Face*


Germany has called off Oktoberfest for 2020, because of fears surrounding the coronavirus. This is a HUGE deal. It hasn’t happened since World War II!


This year, Oktoberfest was set to occur between Sept. 19 and Oct. 4. HOPEFULLY we won’t still be practicing social distancing by then, but the Mayor of Munich and the Premier of Germany decided that, to have large crowds gathered for the event would still be too risky.


I know that was a TOUGH decision, and I applaud them for making the difficult choice.


(The event) brings in around 1.2 billion euros ($1.3 billion) for local businesses and — hotels, restaurants and taxi drivers (will) especially suffer.

Dieter Reiter, Munich Mayor

That just means NEXT YEAR’S event can be bigger and better than ever! Heck, I may even plan a trip to Germany next year for Oktoberfest!


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