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‘Ghost Adventures’ Completed A Paranormal Investigation At The Joe Exotic Zoo And They Say It’s Haunted

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So, I have a weird obsession with watching paranormal investigation shows. The goofier the better, and there is no team that is more goofy than the ‘Ghost Adventures’ team.

Travel Channel

Don’t get me wrong, I am most certainly a believer of the paranormal. I have seen ghosts my entire life, but you have to admit they get a bit goofy!

Tiger King – Netflix

Anyhow, the crew headed out to the Joe Exotic Zoo and they say it’s haunted! Apparently, the staff at the zoo has been experiencing all kinds of activity of the spooky sort.

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley answered the call to go investigate it first hand. This is the first paranormal investigation that has been done there.


The Investigation

This investigation was wild from beginning to end. We went into it thinking we knew a little about this story already, but there were so many surprises at every turn. It’s a super-charged location and it felt surreal to be there. This special has all the drama, characters and twists that you would expect in any Joe Exotic story. But just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, there’s more.

Zak Bagans – Travel Channel
Travel Channel

This investigation also brings in a forensics team with cadaver dogs! Also, they say they have “undeniable paranormal evidence” including apparitions, shadow figures, voices, and mysterious light phenomena.


Engineer Bill Chappell was also involved with the investigation, he always brings the coolest gadgets for the team. This time he has conducted the biggest audio experiment that spans the entire park perimeter.


We will all be able to watch the investigation in a 2 hour special called ‘Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo’. It will premiere on the Travel Channel, Thursday October 29th at 8pm Central.

I know what I’ll be watching on the 29th! Will you be watching?


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