Move Over HomeGoods, This Ghost Blanket Is Giving Us All The Adorable Vibes for Spooky Season

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Um, have you been to HomeGoods lately? They’ve dropped their Halloween Collection and it’s SO GOOD.

With that being said, you may have heard that they have a Viral Ghost Blanket that literally everyone wants and nobody can find.

Well, I think I just may have found an awesome dupe for it and you may just want to buy it ASAP!

This adorable ghost blanket is a Fluffy Blanket perfect for looks or snuggling up with.

It is 50×40 inches in size making it perfect for you or your kids!

It is made of high-quality flannel material making it lightweight yet warm, breathable, super soft, and durable.

Again, it is a great dupe for that viral ghost blanket at HomeGoods. Especially since it’s only $24.99!

You can grab this adorable Ghost Blanket on Amazon here.

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