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You Can Get A Giant Balloon Animal Pool Float For The Most Fun in The Sun Ever

When it comes to inflatable pool floats, there’s almost every design you can think of from food, to jewelry, and now even circus balloons.

That’s right, you can now get a pool float that looks exactly like a balloon animal except this time, it won’t deflate or pop after ten minutes of holding it.

Thanks to BigMouth Inc, you can now fulfill your childhood dream of achieving the balloon animal that never pops and only deflates when it’s time to store it again in the garage for another winter.

Plus when it comes to inflating this balloon animal, there’s only a few minutes standing between you and jumping in the pool.

Courtesy of Amazon

So not only does this pool float look exactly like a balloon animal, but this life-sized inflatable also measures at almost five feet tall!

That’s bigger than any balloon animal ever created, I think!

Considering the nostalgic design, it’ll almost be like you’re back at the circus with dad when you were kid except this time, you’re floating on water with the house you now own as an adult.

Time really does fly by.

Featuring a comfortable space to sit on while laying out in the sun, this pool float is just another excuse to spend everyday at the pool.

Courtesy of Amazon

Now if you’re thinking you have enough pool floats sitting in the shed out back, you can never have too many pool floats my friend.

Besides, the best part about inflatable pool floats are that they deflate so there’s always room for more to store!

Courtesy of Amazon

You can currently find the balloon animal pool float on Amazon in the color red.

The summer season can’t come quick enough!

Courtesy of Amazon