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People Are Making Giant Dragonflies From Old Fans And They Are Gorgeous

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Dragonflies are one of my favorite insects, they beautiful and not scary at all.

They speed around from here to there and sometimes you can catch them settled for a moment to snap a photo of the pretty insect.

Whenever I am able to photograph one I feel like a winner because like hummingbirds, they’re all over the place with a quickness!

Oh and the colors, the colors are so pretty and when the light catches just right, they look so magical.

I just love them!

Lyn Lusse from Ontario, Canada created gorgeous dragonfly wall hangings from recycled items!

Lyn Lusse – Facebook

The response to the works of art has been insane online and everyone wants one!

Lyn Lusse – Facebook

She uses ceiling fan blades, spindles, tennis balls, and paint!

Thank you all for the lovely comments. I CANNOT, send to the USA, as it would be too costly. I REALLY JUST MAKE THEM FOR PEOPLE CLOSE BY, WHO CAN PICK UP. BAYFIELD ONTARIO CANADA. After making my first dragonfly, I have been asked to do 4 more. I have fan blades, tennis balls and spindles all over the place. LOL, It is great to be able to recycle and make people happy. ( and I get a bit of pocket money) There are so many great ideas out there. BAYFIELD ONTARIO CANADA.

Lyn Lusse – Facebook

Lyn said she is only making and selling them locally, but guess what… you could make your own if you’re willing to put in the work!

Browsing through the internet I found others that are made just a little differently (like the one above) and they still look great, so use what you can!

Lyn Lusse – Facebook

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