You Can Get A Giant Inflatable Corgi Sprinkler That Shoots Water From Its Tail And I Need It

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I just found out that you can buy a GIANT inflatable Corgi Sprinkler and I need five of them, please and thank you!


This thing is over five feet tall! That is bigger than my five-foot-tall self!!


This adorable inflatable Corgi water sprinkler is over 5 feet tall measuring at 78.4” x 60” x 66.1”. This yard sprinkler is perfect for keeping cool in the summertime heat.

Plus, it is easy to use you just inflate and deflate with BigMouth Inc.’s patent pending BIG Easy Valve. Simply inflate when you want to get in the water quickly and deflate in minutes when the sun starts to go down.


When I was a kid, we didn’t have anything nearly as cool as these inflatable sprinklers!

They are selling for about $60 on Amazon and that’s pretty reasonable in my opinion, considering the hours and hours of fun it will provide! Grab a case of popsicles and you’ll be the coolest house on the block!


These sprinklers come in other designs as well, including unicorns and dinosaurs! But I myself have a soft spot for Corgis, so I think I’ll stick with this one!

You can get your Giant Inflatable Corgi Sprinkler from Amazon Here.

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