These Giant Inflatable Glitter Beach Balls Are The Summer Accessory You Need

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Who says a day at the beach can’t be glamorous? Nobody!

Before you head to the beach or pool next, you need to grab yourself a pack of these Inflatable Glitter Beach Balls and take a little glam with you.

You’ll sparkle, shine and probably blind someone at the beach but hey, at least you’ll be living your best life, right?

These inflatable beach balls come with confetti glitter inside.

From the reviews, you may want to add a little bit of water inside if you want to be able to swirl the glitter around.

 This 5-Pack comes with a 2 pack of 24 Inch sequins jumbo beach balls and a 3 pack 16 inch sequin beach balls.

You can also choose to get the balls with different colors of glitter such as blue, pink, multicolored or a pack that has different colored beach balls.

You can get your Inflatable Glitter Beach Balls on Amazon here. They run $19.99 for a 5-pack.

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