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Apparently You Can Get Girl Scout Cookies Year-Round and You’re Welcome

Well, let me just say, this is NOT good for my diet. So, I am going to try to pretend, I don’t know this tid-bit of information…

So, you know how every Spring we all look forward to buying cases of girl scout cookies so we are stocked for the rest of the year? Well, we don’t have to do that any more.

Apparently, you can get girl scout cookies year-round AND even better, they cost less than purchasing them from girl scouts.

I guess this is where I say, you’re welcome. Ha.

So, where can you get these delicious girl scout cookies? At Dollar General!

According to TikTok user crazyunclechris_, Dollar General sells girl scout cookies all year long for $1.50.

The only difference? The packaging.

Oh, and this isn’t a new thing, apparently Dollar General shoppers have known about this life hack that nobody else knew about.

I did go onto the Dollar General website and sure enough, they have the cookies listed for $1.50.

They have the thin mints, peanut butter cookies covered in chocolate, the lemon cookies, the samoa’s and more.

They are all under the brand name “Clover Valley” so hurry over and grab them before everyone finds out and they are gone.

You can get some Girl Scout Cookies anytime here.

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